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Tectonics Plates Map Internationalized by US Geological Survey

1-Asthenosphere; 2-Lithosphere; 3- Hot spot; 4- Oceanic crust; 5-Subducting plate; 6-Continental crust; 7-Continental rift zone (young plate boundary); 8-Convergent boundary plate; 9-Divergent boundary plate; 10-Transform plate boundary; 11-Shield volcano; 12-Oceanic spreading ridge; 13-Convergent plate boundary; 14-Strato volcano; 15-Island arc; 16-Plate 17-Asthenosphere; 18-Trench
French: Carte de la tectonique des plaques.
1-Asthenosphère; 2-Lithosphère; 3-Point chaud; 4-Croûte océanique; 5-Plaque de subduction; 6-Croûte continentale; 7-Rift continental (divergence); 8-Fontière de plaques convergentes; 9-Fontière de plaques divergentes; 10-Faille transformante; 11-Volcan bouclier; 12-Dorsale océanique; 13-Fosse océanique; 14-Strato-volcan; 15-Arc insulaire; 16-Lithosphère; 17-Asthenosphere; 18-Fosse océanique
Italian: Mappa della tettonica a placche
  1- Astenosfera; 2- Litosfera; 3- Punto caldo; 4- Crosta oceanica; 5- Placca in subduzione; 6- Crosta continentale; 7- Zona di rift continentale (Nuovo margine di placca); 8- Placca a margine convergente; 9- Placca a margine divergente; 10- Placca a margine trasforme; 11- Vulcano a scudo; 12- Dorsale oceanica; 13- Margine di placca convergente; 14- Strato vulcano; 15- Arco isola; 16- Placca 17- Astenosfera; 18- Fossa
Catalan: Gràfic de la tectònica de plaques
1-Astenosfera; 2-Litosfera; 3-Punt calent; 4-Escorça oceànica; 5-Placa de subducció; 6-Escorça continental; 7-Rift continental; 8-Marges de les plaques convergents; 9-Marges de les plaques divergents; 10-Falla transformant; 11-Volcà d'escut; 12-Dorsal oceànica; 13-Fossa marina; 14-Estratovolcà; 15-Arc insular; 16-Litosfera; 17-Astenosfera; 18-Fossa
Illustration by Jose F. Vigil. USGS, modified by Eurico Zimbres from This Dynamic Planet. A wall map produced jointly by the U.S. Geological Survey, the Smithsonian Institution, and the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory. [] {{PD-USGov-Interior-USGS}}

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